EXPOSED: Teenage Trader Ditches McDonald’s Job and Buys £130,000 Gold Plated Bentley after Becoming a Millionaire at 19!


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Posted: Thursday 18th May, 2017 | Written by Amanda Wilson

A millionaire at just 19? How is that possible?

Robert Mfune is an ex student and McDonalds worker, who decided he wanted more out of life. He became a college student to better himself, but soon found out about the basics of binary trading from a part time job he had at a finance firm.

Before long Robert was hooked on trading and decided to learn as much as he could about it. “I started around 3 years ago, with just £250 and my earnings seem to go up every month”, he told us. I’ve actually earned over a MILLION in the last 3 years. I know what you’re thinking because I would think the same, if someone told me this 3 years ago. But it’s real. I make a ton more than my old 9 to 5 and it takes me around 2 hours a day to do it.“